Braying for Secession

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A day ago I caught a quip about secession that came, maybe coincidentally, after Soups and Knives where I write about the topic.  I don’t think the intent was malicious.

And people are braying for secession, as if those Blue areas will never choke them off economically, starve them like Ukrainians, and then move in and take those precious guns from cold, dead, famine-clenched hands before re-claiming the valuable land.

On one hand, donkeys bray. It’s annoying.  I might be offended if I had read it with only that context in mind.  But on second thought, donkeys are natural livestock protectors.  They bray at danger, alert other livestock, and have also been known to take on predating coyotes.  I can live with that.

But that’s not the most offensive thing I read.   Let me share with you the best possible response to the above statement.  Tom Baugh, in reference to those Blue areas choking out secessionists, was the first to point out that the majority of food comes from the breadbasket of America — the red states.

Well, that would be a neat trick, given where the food comes from and what forms the foundation of any economy (hint: it isn’t iPoodles or hedge funds or cubicle jobs or subdivision service industries). I think I said elsewhere that malevolent fedgov overreach is the best marketing a secessionist could hope for. Having DC and NYC trying to enforce their will in this way, particularly to take food to feed their own populations who will be the first to begin starving will be a game-changer.


h/t Brock

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