Breach of Contract

T.L. Davis describes his arms-length relationship to the Tea Party.

I am not content to sit by and watch the continued destruction of liberty in this nation. It is time for action. We must, as a people, understand that there is no vote that we will ever be given that will secure liberty. There is no person we can elect that will return liberty to the people. Too many are dependent upon the way things are to go messing around with freedom. We saw in Wisconsin what happens in America when politicians try to do the right thing. They are mobbed and threatened by the moochers and parasites living off the carcass of liberty.

We are free people. We owe the government no allegiance that is not secured by their obedience to the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution is not just our founding document but a contract with the people. Where the government has broken the contract, it is in breach and deserves no loyalty. Where you extend loyalty to that corruption you might as well offer it to a king, or a Soviet-style troika. When a free people abide by a broken contract they become complicit in its destruction and I will not give my consent to that act.

They [Tea Party] were too timid of conflict and conflict is the only means of securing [regaining] power that has been taken away.

Read T.L.Davis’ article:  I Will, I Am

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1 Response to Breach of Contract

  1. admin says:

    I cannot find a flaw in his logic. The “Tea Party” revels in its lack of central leadership. This is only marginalizing their efforts to be effective. The Republican Party is the worst impediment to the success of the Tea Party. Their efforts to subvert the groups to become Republican shill groups and their arguments against a third party have been successful because the only other option becomes what this article proposes.

    Ask yourself what the Republican House of Representatives has accomplished since telling the Tea Party to vote Republican in 2010.

    “Liberty is not free” is part of TL’s article not shown above.

    Consider this quote:

    A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.

    -- John Adams

    We have lost our liberty but the truly sad aspect of this fact is that we gave it away without a fight.

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