Bread, Circus, and the Super Bowl

I substitute for teachers in the government school system. The kids are always asking me about my sports team preferences, be they professional or college teams. They are amazed when I confess to them that I no longer follow sports.

When I was in the local Rotary Club, almost every conversation revolved around sports. The other fellows could give never ending recitations on stats and scores from seasons and games played in virtually any prior year.

When I attempted to generate a conversation involving geopolitical, political, economic, or spiritual issues, the conversation was immediately diverted back to sports. Sports, it would seem, is safe. Sports requires no commitment to world view, no judgment of morality.

While I have no problem with sporting events, I understand that they are just games. Once I figured that out, my team winning was no longer a matter of ‘life or death’. And, as I looked at the myriad of problems in the world, even championship games lost their importance.

Back to the kids in school. As they are recovering from their shock that I don’t follow sports, I explain ‘Bread and Circus’ to them. Remember? Caesar gives the people bread and circus (enough food so the bellies don’t growl and the games) and then steals their liberty and wealth. But the people don’t seem to notice because they have their bread and circus.

I’ll sometimes even throw in the “when I became a man I put away childish things” quote. Now, I still enjoy competition and I still enjoy a very occasional game (playing or watching). But I have come to be able to discern what is really important from what is not.

Why should you care what I think in this regard? Simple. The Super Bowl is upon us with all its attendant hype. Many folks can tell you everything you care to know about the two opposing teams but can’t tell you the first thing about the Constitution, or about the future the elitists have in mind for our kids. Bread and circus …

Watch the following clip and share it liberally. Maybe we can wake a few more souls up from their stupor before it’s too late.

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