BREAKING: Trump signs crappy border bill…

Trump has reportedly now signed the crappy border bill that both Republicans and Democrats gave him

We now have 626 Days until Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Trump lost the Election Today.

Prepare Accordingly.



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2 Responses to BREAKING: Trump signs crappy border bill…

  1. Exring says:

    How Patriotic! I look at the predicessors and see a group of the most accomplished LIARS that have been elected to Represent us “poke it up our bum”. Pres. Trump continues to get the job done that he discussed. He is NOT a King so requires our help. I do not hear helping in your (and others) voice. In a battle (fight) those established as leaders may not be able to share all the strategy with the “troops” but if he (can add she, if PC is req’d) performs well he does so with our support not a reversal of position if things are not taking place at a pace that suits us, the Troops. Have at it with the “sour grapes” but who has come as close or done better in your recent memory? Mine goes back well before JFK and I have seen no one come this close, particularly given the restraints put on him by those that are supposed to be “on his side”. We lost the House because a group of approx. 45 Republicans retired (statistically the chance of an incumbent winning is approx. 98%). When the time to fight came RINOs turned and ran. Run if you like. Maybe you are “Trolls” that are put out here to confuse the issue. What I would like to see is REAL Patriots supporting the only person we have had on our side for over 50 years.

  2. Bricky says:

    Should you really be surprised? The President is known for “The Art of the Deal”.

    Distraction, 8 Billion Dollars to build the wall is to satisfy Americans, voters while the Oligarchs in Congress continue to “fundamentally transform America” with their 1000+ page bills that undermine the Presidents efforts to protect our nations borders. Chained with that 1000+ bill will be newly written regulations created by unelected bureaucrats, lobbyists.

    Republicans are worthless.

    Who’s in charge of the US-Mexico border?

    Flashback 1965
    Internal security and subversion: principal state laws and cases$b643046;view=1up;seq=9

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