I heard a brilliant idea today from a caller on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. Let the House send legislation to the Senate to resolve the government budget crisis by giving them everything that they have asked for. Just add one requirement: there will be no exemptions for Obamacare.

David DeGerolamo

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3 Responses to Brilliant

  1. Lastlogicstanding says:

    Never ever happen . Neither party will agree to those terms .what do you think they are, just simple citizens like you? Of course not! They are the elite and therefore they shall not and will not adhere to the same laws and restrictions that you must abide by. Obviously you need some reeducation

  2. LT Prepper says:

    I love your idea -- NO EXEMPTIONS. Presumably, we will be on the same bus to “summer camp” … if they can catch me ;P

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