Burner Phones from a SIGINT Perspective

One definition of Operations Security (OPSEC) is the protection of critical information. It’s probably safe to say that freedom fighters who find themselves operating in a semi-permissive or non-permissive environment and conducting security missions against a tyrannical regime would consider their personal identities, the location of their homes, the identities of their closest friends and business associates, among other information, critical information worthy of protection under OPSEC.

Let’s talk baseline. Every single place you go, the roads and sidewalk you take to get there, and every single person or business you call is your baseline. Time of day is a dimension in each of these things as well.

From the FBI Program, Resource and Service Guide for Chiefs and Sheriffs:

“The FBI Wireless Intercept and Tracking Teams: Agents available to assist … law Enforcement Partners with historical cell data, conduct in-depth historical cell phone analysis, as well as track cell phone data in real time to identify locations of a suspect(s)’ or a victim(s)’ cell phone.”


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