Cache Me Outside


We’ve all heard “if it’s time to bury them, it’s time to use them”. But the reality is, caches of supplies, weapons and ammunition included, are a part of what smart partisans do worldwide. I read this elsewhere, and offer it for consideration. If all of your firearms are sitting in one place, you’re setting yourself up for failure.


In the ever constantly growing oppression on civil liberties in the US. Many here claim they will go out in a blaze of glory if law enforcement or thr military comes to their door to confiscate their arms. They always make the statement of “if it is time to bury them, it is time to use them.” 

I believe they have no grasp on how powerful and valuable a proper cache is.

Every legit guerrilla, freedom fighter, resistance cell, spec-ops unit, etc has trained and use weapon caches. It is a very valuable tool. The ability to blend into an environment and still have strategic access to arms is a damn good thing. Especially when they are pushing for more and more chain of custody type laws like UBC and registration to make having a cache that much harder. 

I believe at some point, outright confiscation is going to happen in the US. The key to stay ahead of them is to have sacrificial pawns to turn in when that happens.

So you give them a 10/22, a beater Taurus, and a ratty shotgun. If you have “off papered” guns like a Glock 17 and a AR-15 with a good supply of ammo and mags cached away from your residence. You are still in the fight.

How can I say that? Because when they come at 3am to your house loaded for bear and your wife and kids are at risk. Just play the game. You never fight the enemy on their terms. You always fight them on yours. And that 3am round up ain’t your terms.

Even hoodrats understand cacheing and hiding weapons from Gov seizure. Like stashing a gun under a Bush in the neighbors yard, to avoid it being found / tied to them if found. They use the same tactics in Iraq etc as well. Get searched in the daytime, no weapons found, dig them up at night and go play rebel, rehide before dawn, and smile and wave. 

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