Can We Become the 52nd State: West Carolina?

Seriously. Western North Carolina (and Eastern North Carolina) is not even considered to be flyover territory in Raleigh. Consider what would happen if a new 52nd state (assuming North Colorado is 51st) of West Carolina was formed that would not be under the control of Raleigh/Charlotte power brokers. We could have a new Constitution which was not illegally mandated by the federal government in 1868 (see surrender letter). We could decide our regulatory guidelines and tax base.

What’s the worst case in this scenario? We have to build a new capitol building.

What is the best case? We can secede and form an independent nation free from the tyranny of the federal government.

David DeGerolamo

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8 Responses to Can We Become the 52nd State: West Carolina?

  1. Larry says:

    At first I thought, well, we already have a governor’s mansion here. But wait, that’s in Asheville. the only way I’d ever vote for this is to begin the state line west of Asheville, preferably on the Haywood County line. But there are some good folks west of Asheville still in Buncombe. I like this guy’s discovery of other states with counties buffeting his that want to join. How about this: We invite the Northern tier of Georgia in; we invite the Upstate of South Carolina in; we invite the far eastern portion of Tennessee in…well you get the idea. Appalachian America here we come.

  2. rogerunited says:

    Interesting idea, but how ’bout we just kick the Triangle/Triad/Charlotte out? Basically form a state from the I40/I85 corridor between Raleigh and Charlotte, kind of a liberal preserve where they can be free to frolic with other libs and we don’t have to give them the tidewater region?

  3. william Sterrett says:

    Well geeeeeee! Larry if we have a Appalachian America how we gonna get free stuff? You know pizza and beer and the super bowl. I like that stuff alot…., we’re free right? Are you talking about NO Obama phones, head start, food stamps, gay marriage, abortion, planned parenthood, starting wars around the world, NSA, pork, etc………..damn you are one tough radical! You must have one of those founding father mindsets. Very dangerous stuff these days, but someone has to stand up! PATRIOT always. In Liberty, Bill

  4. KriegerJ says:

    You are not alone in NC. In the last 6 months lots of farmers and ranchers in Texas have pulled down their Texas Lone Star flags and replaced them with Texas’ Republic flag of 1836.
    Lots of bumper sticks that have the Lone Star flag with the word Secede on it are showing up everywhere. When Texas breaks from the union it will be a chain reaction that will be unstoppable.

  5. Larry says:

    Now Bill, I never said no more free stuff. We’ll just have to find our own Obummer. There will still be plenty of people in the area who will vote for anyone who says they’re Republican and mean it, doggonit. So we’ll never have a shortage of Rinos who will be able to get elected in certain districts. Don’t be going off the deep end here Bill. You’ll be able to have your Shuler phone or Miller phone. Not to worry.

  6. Larry says:

    After America: Rebuilding” on Kindle holds the real answer.

  7. truckwilkins says:

    ive thought of a good bumper sticker

    save our mountain enviroment go home!!

  8. Linda Harper says:

    I am ready to be a part. I like what someone said. Just kick out RDU area and Charlotte so the rest of us can unite. We have a lot of Eastern NC that is ready.
    What if our commissioners do not want to do it? I would think we were more ready to join VA or SC, but our commissioners in my county would not want to do it unless 80% of the population wanted it.

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