Canada’s New Gun Ban

Canada's New Gun Ban

With the vast inefficiency of government in general, making anything happen quickly is a nearly unheard of phenomenon. But it can still occur occasionally, as the latest gun ban in Canada proved to Canadian gun owners, who saw themselves go from law-abiding citizens to criminals in a matter of minutes.

The new banned firearms list contains essentially all modern semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifles and carbines, and lists them by name. In all, about 1,500 different models of rifles were banned in the sweeping move, from the Aero Precision A15 to the ZVI OP99.

“Effectively, any modern rifle designed since World War II, or even before World War II, is now illegal to own,” he said. “The law is so badly written and insane that it makes no sense. They did not consult industry, they did not consult owners. They did not consult any experts. Besides the absolute injustice in principal, technically it’s just horribly flawed.” 


h/t Dr. Ley

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Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
9 months ago

The solution is simple—don’t comply. Become an outlaw.