Changing culture

There is an ongoing conversation in the United States about what should be done regarding the continuing slaughter of people with guns. Opinions range from taking all firearms to controlling the age at which one can purchase a firearm, and everything in between. What we hear little regarding is the way our culture has changed and why.

Admittedly I am old. Being old brings perspective; it allows one to compare how things were to how they are. On the farm in rural Missouri in the 1950s there were lots of guns; my Dad had a single shot Remington .22 and a Model 97 Winchester shotgun. He taught me how to properly and safely use the .22 and placed emphasis on its one function being to kill.

My brother and I went to the movies every Saturday afternoon. Lash Larue, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy, and The Cisco Kid, amongst others were our heroes. The interesting thing is we never saw a graphic depiction of anyone getting shot; Autry was great at shooting guns out of the bad guy’s hands and Hoppy displayed the same skill. Now we get to see blood splattered on walls, floors, and even sometimes on the camera screen when there is gun violence.

Even war movies have changed drastically; I saw the Audie Murphy movie, To Hell and Back, and there were no body parts strung around and the Germans would just lean over or merely fall down as he shot them. I had killed rabbits, squirrels, and crows so I knew the movie wasn’t realistic but it was credible enough to convey the story. In the same vein, when a man and woman walked into a bedroom we knew what they were going to do, we didn’t need to watch the sex act on the screen.

When I was a kid almost everyone had a father and a mother and no matter how busy the family ate supper together every day. It was a time to share the day’s events and get quizzed about what had happened in school and our grades on a test. Now that men and women change partners when there is some perceived incompatibility, the single family home or step-parents is becoming the new normal. Within the black community many children never see their biological father and if they did he would be a role model for impregnating women and then leaving them to raise the child. I have an acquaintance whose daughter has five children; she is 20 and has never been married. Two is probably the more normal number of illegitimate children in a family.

The large inner-cities have always had a higher homicide rate than rural areas. The number of black homicides outnumbers white homicides 10 to 1, and blacks only represent 13% of the population. The recent slaughter in Florida would represent less than a normal month’s murders in Chicago during any given month. Perhaps the removal of Confederate monuments will alter the mindset.

I have noticed that the father and mother now are friends instead of the source of discipline and guidance. My sister-in-law died a few years back. At the viewing, a nephew of the deceased’s husband came with four boys; probably fourteen to eight. They were running around in the funeral home, wrestling, and in general being jerks; not a peep from the parents. Had I acted that way at a funeral, there would have been a double burial.

We didn’t know what video games were, we actually played games which didn’t involve killing or mayhem. We knew our friends and talked with them face to face, we didn’t sit across the room and text back and forth.

The world changed after the advent of the Great Society and the Vietnam War. LBJ made the need for a father in the home obsolete. The Vietnam War desensitized people to death as it was flashed across our television screens every evening by war correspondents. The sight of thousands of body bags marginalized life!

Liberals want to ignore the underlying problem; people have changed. Unless there is a societal U turn, things will only get worse. That is only the perspective of an ole guy.

Have a good week. Bill Shuey is a freelance writer in North Carolina.

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5 Responses to Changing culture

  1. a follower says:

    Unfortunately or fortunately, it will take a great slap in the face to bring about the change needed.

  2. Exring says:

    I could not agree more. The “Divide and Conquer” approach is working. The parents are NO LONGER, parents. With that, children have NO RULES to follow. We need to add that the propaganda machine (MSM) has been very successful at making people afraid of everything. Every weather event is a crisis. The LEGAL SYSTEM (there is NO more Justice System) picks and choses what to recognize. RACISM no longer applies to Race but to a select few that now seem to be living off the select group that they call RACIST.

    Joe Stalin would be ecstatic to find out that the current Communist/Socialists (you realize the difference is that Socialists lie to you and take your money and Communists realized that the lying part took too much time) approach was abandoned and the “Two Tierd System” was put into play (a disagreement he had sith Lenin concerning Marxism) so there is an “Elite and Prolatariat” system and we, the Prolatariat will pay the price.

    Our only hope is that the Second Amendment stays in place and there are enough of us that care, take our Government back. The voting booth is the ideal approach but the Second Amendment is the “Hail Mary” or “Last Ditch” effort that can/will be made.

  3. David says:

    I remember a moral nation. Those days are over thanks to Bill Clinton’s sexcapades in the oval office, video games, television and the main stream’s glorification of homosexuality. John Adams stated a simple fact: Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. So where does that leave us?

  4. James Allen says:

    You have “hit the nail on the head!” I am 64 years old and could not agree with you more. We face a powerful opponent in the media, social media, entertainment, sports figures and progressive liberal talking heads! How do we fight back? I propose that we continue to keep ourselves “clean,’ and our own house and family in order. I am reminded of the old story that asks “how do you eat an elephant,” and of course the answer was “one bite at a time.” Therefore we must proceed with ourselves, family, neighborhood, city, county, state then nation. I pray for divine guidance in each of our lives and action.

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