Chaos: Trump is Surrendering America

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8 Responses to Chaos: Trump is Surrendering America

  1. Brewer55 says:

    Mike Adams tends to be extreme in his prognostications. However, that being said, I believe he is correct in this instance.

    • Al Buckner says:

      Got to remember The President can only hold up Federal funds. The Federal government can not go into a State without the consent of the Governor.

  2. Peri McMillan says:

    I hate to say it but I must agree. The president is allowing this to continue. He talks about arresting the rioters but the destruction continues. Is this what he actually wants, to destroy us and our country? Is he just another one of THEM? If not, why isn’t he doing anything to stop them? It’s only getting worse. It’s so hard seeing our country being destroyed right in front of our eyes with nothing being done. So hard.

  3. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    He might be right. The question for us all is, do we trust the system and the authorities to protect us? Your life might depend on it! If not perpare, if you do ” these droids aren’t what you are looking for” and just watch tv.I

    On the other hand, all real men have a responsibility to protect and provide for their families. There are still many real men out there. The left is delusional in many respects, one is that the patriots will cower in their homes. They don’t realize some are ready to pull the switch and it will get real ugly!

    Obviously I have too much time on my hands, but then I am retired and I don’t have the energy to work all day, so I pass on my drivel. The question for me is an I paranoid enough? Molon lieb!

  4. 173dVietVet says:

    Mike Adams hypes way too much into fear-mongering frenzies.

    The Commies/DemonicRats want Trump to send in federal troops so that they can then blame all the resulting deaths on Trump. They want to claim Trump is a fascist and resorts to military when he could have done something else ( something that they never say specifically what it is that could be done, but Trump is damned because he didn’t do that special unidentifiable “something”.)

    Trump is being very smart in not sending in the troops while he is touting how effective they would be if sent in to stop the rioting. He is saying he could stop the chaos but was prevented from doing so because the DemonicRat Governors wanted to appease the rioters and were afraid to deal with the rioters.

    Wake up folks! Do not swallow Mike Adam’s fear porn!!

    Trump can say that he clearly stated his willingness to send troops, but that the Demonic Governors never asked for federal help so that is why he did not send in the military. This means that the Sheeple in those Libtard cities and states that elected the DemonicRat leaders will suffer the consequences for their stupid votes that put the Demonics into office. Trump isn’t likely to win any of these DemonicRat led states in the next election, but if the Sheeple in them suffer for their stupidity, maybe, yeah just maybe, the Sheeple will be forced to see that they got what they deserved because of their stupid voting choices.

    Trump gets to point out that these problems started in DemonicRat controlled states so why should other states have to bail out the Demonics who allowed these conditions to deteriorate. Sending in the military makes all taxpayers pay to clean up the mess that the Libtards made for themselves.

    I say let the DemonicRats stew in their own juices. It might make them grow up !!

  5. Arch Stanton says:

    The long fuse is about to reach a hair trigger.

  6. Jack says:

    The shyt is about to hit the fan, lock and load, be vigilant and ready !!!

  7. Gryphon says:

    Trump has (in theory) the Legal Authority to declare the bolshevik’s ‘antifa’ a Terrorist Organization, thereby allowing, for starters, the NSA to use its extensive Spy/Surveillance capabilities to Identify the people and groups who Fund and Direct this communist violence. Under the Laws already passed by the Congress, once Identified, these persons could be Arrested and thrown in Military Prisons and all of their Property, Assets, and Bank Accounts Seized. Furthermore, if persons or Organizations from other Nations are Involved, the President could order Military Attacks against them.

    The Fact that Trump has done Nothing of the sort is a clear indication that He is Part of the Treason ans Sedition against America by the bolsheviks.

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