Chief Kessler’s Constitution Security Force


Let me clarify something,

RE: The rally, ( gathering point) just outside of DC in the coming weeks,

1. I am asking ever law enforcement officer, sheriff, peace officer to attend, these individuals may carry firearms into DC! I repeat Only Law enforcement can carry firearms into DC, I am not Adam Kokesh , nor do I support him or his Ideas.

2. I am asking every patriot group, tea party group, liberty group to attend also, but you must not carry a firearm into DC unless you are Law enforcement,

3. I am also calling on Militia groups, to attend but again if you are not law enforcement ( and I know there are Militia members that are law enforcement) you may not carry a firearm into DC unless you are law enforcement.

4. The point of this gathering it to bring evidence to congress that has been compiled over the last two yrs, and demand something be done! I’m not about overthrowing anything our founding fathers started, our goal is united , we want our country back , we want what our founding father gave us, what so many military shed their blood and died fighting for, OUR FREEDOM! nothing more nothing less, I personally will demand the immediate resignation of any elected official who violated their oath to the constitution or supported unconstitutional laws!

AGAIN ONLY LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL CAN CARRY FIREARMS INTO DC, IF YOU BRING A FIREARM YOU MUST NOT ENTER DC, YOU MUST STAY ON THE Virginia side. you may come into DC to support this historic event without firearms and we/I encourage you follow law enforcement into dc and assist in presenting this devastating evidence that will change the course of history and restore our country to what it once was ( FREE ).


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