China Bought Gold With Proceeds From Record Sale Of US Treasurys

wo months ago, when China stunned the world in announcing it had officially “bought” 604 tons of gold for the first time since 2009 (this was untrue: China merely admitted to the world what we had reported for years, namely that it had been patiently accumulating gold via untraceable accounts and only now decided to reveal a fraction of its total holdings), we said that, contrary to the wrong “one-and-done” pundit assessment, China would continue “adding” to its gold holdings. To wit:

… now that the seal has been finally broken after so many years, and since today’s update indicates that Chinese gold numbers are clearly goal-seeked with a specific policy purpose – to boost confidence – we await for the PBOC to start leaking incremental gold holding data every month (and especially in months when the market crashes) which will bring us ever closer to what China’s true gold holdings are.

One month ago, we were proven correct when China indeed announced it had “added” another 19.3 tons of gold in July – even as it was dumping record amounts of Treasurys at the time as we previously reported.


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1 Response to China Bought Gold With Proceeds From Record Sale Of US Treasurys

  1. LT says:

    GOLD is what China has been buying wih all the US Treasuries its been dumping, as I have been warning for years --

    And assuming that is true, then their net holdings of gold have increased by nearly ten times what they have thus far declared.

    And what about US gold holdings? Is there anything but IOUs left in “Fort Knox”? We all know the answer… our nation has been sold out by a bunch of sociopathic career traitors/politicians, and picked clean by the greedy and unprincipled Wall Street banking cabal.

    Meanwhile, we have all partaken of their bribery and corruption -- paid to look the other way with cheap credit, and distracted with the perpetually obscene spectacles of the entertainment and pro-sports consortium.

    Every globalist, communist, corporo-fascist, and death-cult promoting “educator” should hang from a lamp post in full public view, and not be cut down until their corpse rots.

    Every aparachik and bureaucrat in federal employ should be hunted like the vermin they are; and all the progressive “supporters” of federal tyranny driven from the land as a herd of swine would be driven over a cliff into the sea.

    Perhaps with such a public pennance being done, and with fasting and prayer undertaken with great fervor in every remaining household, we might yet avert the coming Judgement which our nation has so fully earned.

    God has not forgotten a single one of the more than 50 million babies which we have permitted to be killed from amongst us.
    He has not overlooked a single act of subversion, corruption, abuse, or destruction which our federal government has committed in our name.
    He has not yet judged us for a single death among the millions which our corporate “citizens” have caused throughout Africa and the mid-east in the name of greater profits.
    Nor have we been called to accout for evicting Him from our schools, legislatures, courthouses, town greens, homes, and even our churches.

    How many ways must we learn that Pride goeth unto destruction: and the spirit is lifted up before a fall?


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