Citing bad coronavirus trends, Scooper extends Phase 2 business closures, issues mask mandate

North Carolina is in no shape right now to open more businesses and resume more social activities during the coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Roy Cooper said Wednesday.

Citing metrics that continue to rise instead of leveling off or decreasing, Cooper extended Phase 2 of his three-part pandemic response plan for at least three more weeks. He also issued a statewide mandate that people age 11 and older cover their faces in public, as of 5 p.m. Friday.

Law enforcement can cite businesses that don’t require their staff and encourage their customers to wear masks, he said, and officers can charge customers who refuse to comply after being asked with trespass and remove them from a business.


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5 Responses to Citing bad coronavirus trends, Scooper extends Phase 2 business closures, issues mask mandate

  1. KATHY says:

    this man is disgusting to me! i for one WILL NOT COMPLY!!!

  2. Rabbi will McCubbins says:

    Lockdown 4Eva!

  3. We have been waiting for over eight weeks for unemployment. My husband just went back to work on Monday. Why doesn’t Cooper fix unemployment instead of taking away our rights to breathe fresh air? I have only worn a mask once and that was to get food at the food bank…….so embarrassing and yes, I blame Cooper!!

  4. animal_lover says:

    Cooper needs to be removed from office!!

  5. Ed and Carolyn Underwood says:

    We remember in the BIBLE where GOD tells us to “mask up”.
    NOT! Ever. At any time.
    HE DOES TELL US “not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together”.
    GOD also lists “those” for whom we are NOT TO PRAY for they have willfully chosen not to obey HIM. GOD tells us HE WILL NOT hear any prayers for such people.
    roy cooper is such a person. his consistent dictatorial edicts mark him as a willing slave of GOD’S “enemy of old”, satan.

    As Bob Dylan once said, “You Got to Serve Somebody. It may be the devil or it may be THE LORD, but you’ve got to serve somebody.”

    “As for me and my house, we will serve THE LORD.” Joshua 24:15

    (We Will Not Comply With cooper)

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