CIVIL WAR 2?? Here’s the truth about America’s future…

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4 Responses to CIVIL WAR 2?? Here’s the truth about America’s future…

  1. LunkerMack says:

    Thanks for your expertise. I see things going ‘Hot’ when the Democrats/Communists completely disregard the Constitution and the will of the people by abolishing the Electoral College. The NPV or National Popular Vote Interstate Compact already has 15 States on board, with a total of 189 Electoral votes so far. If they get 270, we then have lost America, AND WILL BE LIVING IN A 1 PARTY SYSTEM.
    When/if that happens, I for one will not abide with it. Much greater men than I have died to protect the Constitution.
    I’d rather die free than live in chains on my knees.

  2. lawless says:

    Well thought out and correct.

    Forget Washington (on many levels) and think locally.

  3. NOG says:

    This has been a interesting couple of videos. The first video I did not think much of. He made too many “guesstimates”. This one is more believable. Just a few thoughts. First, I don’ t think the fedgov would allow Texas to separate from the union, so they would go all out to stop it. Reason— energy. When Texas tried to tax natural gas sent through pipelines going to NY state, the feds said Texas could not do it. Please note the State of Wyoming taxes low sulfur coal carried to Texas. Texas supplies the majority of Natgas and fuel oil to the northeast. Those guys will fight to keep that supply….and keep it cheap. And they control the deep state so….. Second thing I thought about is will the fedgov even exist? Our system is rather complex. Any major disruption and we might not have civil war 2, but USSR part 2. It just might fail completely. Then what the hell would happen?

    • David says:

      The answer to your question may be presented soon. I wonder what small event will become the catalyst for collapsing the house of cards.

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