Civil War 2 on Deck

The latest?

A sitting Congressman claiming that “we” will fight a sitting President….. in the streets.

It’ll be a long, nasty, dirty war.

If you’re not alarmed by this sort of rhetoric, and don’t find it to be cause to immediately demand that any such “lawmaker” be expelled and even prosecuted for a terrorist threat you’re not very bright.

It would be legal to call for a general strike, for example.

But fighting in the streets is another matter. That’s a declaration of intent to commit violence against a sitting government.

Good luck with that Mr. Californicated. May I remind you that your Governor has just declared he intends to allow illegal invaders to access Medicaid and that the Federal Government has not only no requirement to fund that it has an explicit requirement not to under current law, and that without said funding California will fiscally collapse within months.

Then what? You have a bunch of very angry illegal invaders and a metric crap-ton of homeless junkies, all of whom will be cut off, and no way for the state to fund any of their bullcrap.

Good luck with that.


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2 Responses to Civil War 2 on Deck

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Rush Limbaugh has already predicted the Soros mobs on retainer will head for the streets as soon as trump declares a “State of National emergency”. It’ll get ugly and I wonder how many Democrat run cities will order the police to “stand down” and let the America haters run rampant?

  2. FrankInFL says:

    I do not think the war will be long, nasty, and dirty. Nasty and dirty, yes; long, no.

    When you look at the map of the last election, it’s a startling sight. The blue districts are almost all high population density and massive electoral clout while the red districts are almost all rural, low density areas with thin electoral power, but of the estimated 120 million American gun owners and their 350 million guns and 300 bilion rounds of ammunition, almost all of that is in red districts. It is not even theoretically possible for the coastal cities to overwhelm the heartland, but it is possible for the heartland to cut the coastal elites off from food, water, and electricity. Game over; thank you for playing.

    If that moron wants a war, it’s better that we have it now so our grandchildren won’t have to face it.

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