Civil War is Coming!!!

If you have 48 minutes take the time and listen to this Point of View.
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1 Response to Civil War is Coming!!!

  1. 173dVietVet says:

    Excellent summary of what has and is transpiring.

    Probably is the best description of how Liberals see the world that I have come across.

    I generally say Libtards think emotionally and Conservatives think logically, but this summary puts that description into a better and, more accurate, view that clarifies the distinctive motivations of each sides’s view of the world.

    And “Yes”, we are headed toward a Civil War.

    The only question is what will be the straw that breaks the stupendously indebted camel’s back ??

    Please consider sending this video to All your contacts.

    It will open their eyes wider, even if they are red-pilled and “woke”…

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