CIVIL WAR: The Way America Could End in 2020

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1 Response to CIVIL WAR: The Way America Could End in 2020

  1. Z-La says:

    Whatever it ‘was’ here economically, the premise, was largely invalid (that it was allowed to continue is what’s leading to the revolution). There are alot of financial comments on the ongoing crisis such as ‘they’re taking this economy down to bring in bitcoin’ or the ‘new world order’, ‘to cover for the economic crash’, etc., which points out that they knew it’s not organic, and that it was structured by outside forces (a polite way to say the middle class thought they’d have a seat at the table (that upward mobility would still apply to them) after the lower economic class had been destroyed. When in reality, it has been the lack of an internal economic system, in accordance with ones skills, ability and education, i.e., jobs and trades that match one’s degrees, interests, etc., rather than conforming to a rote service industry and dulling persons down, for instance; similar to how the Amish teach their people natural medicine (edible flowers and herbs), cooking skills and first-aid. It’s largely the socio-economic factor that’s crucial for a robust domestic economy. Further, a country can’t kill off its own (abortion), then claim to be overrun, invaded by immigrants, migrants, or other forms of takeover (for each that are killed, they are then replaced by non-native born persons), and by extension, expect to not have offshored jobs and manufacturing, and the political landscape changed. For instance, one of the reasons many Muslim men come here is because American women often abort their babies and the marriages don’t last. They claim they’ll take this country from the wombs of its women, providing stability (economic and relational) on the domestic front, where the native-born men lack in this regard.

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