Clownshow In DC

Well that escalated quickly and foolishly.

First, Pelosi.  Accusing Barr of criminal conduct is an instant “we’re done” in terms of cooperation.  Do that with someone when you want to question them under oath and all you get from there is “I take the 5th“.  And that’s not limited to Barr either; since Pelosi has thrown that out there nobody in the Administration — or previously in it — should do anything other than give name and take the 5th.  Show up, erect the middle finger in the form of the 5th Amendment and then shut up.  Any subpoena for a “thing” issued you fight.   Voluntarily comply with nothing.

That was the dumbest thing I’ve heard someone say who claims to be “respectable” and “honorable” in my years as an adult — unless her intent was to provoke Trump into telling her — and the rest of Congress — to go to Hell.  She hasn’t been the only one doing so of late either.

I wasn’t surprised to see Trump do exactly that.  On the air — not on Twitter.

So here’s my nickel review: This is all clown show political nonsense.

But there’s a problem with people like Pelosi and the others — hubris.

But the ability to resist tyranny, and the expression of resistance by whatever means are necessary, is an inherent part of America’s DNA.  It’s been silent for a very long time, but it’s not gone.  I’m sure of it.

At what point does hubris get pressed too far?  I don’t know.

I just know you can.

And I know if that happens very ugly things are likely to happen.

There are 535 Congresscritters.  That’s a VERY small number.

There are 330 million American citizens.  How many are (1) not insane, and (2) still have that DNA in them in a form and fashion that it can be activated by too much of that hubris? None of those people will be talking about anything in advance; not on Facebook, not in a blog, in a  bar, on Twitter — nowhere. How many of those have either formal training, a cunning and practical mind along with a willingness to cash themselves if they have to in order to “make a difference” or worse both — and decide to act in an effort to dissuade what they see — quite arguably as legitimately so — as credible threats to destroy the Constitution?

I don’t know.

But this much I do know — if the people in DC keep this crap up and go from Clownshow to real, credible threats we may all get to find out — and wish we hadn’t.


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