CNN Meltdown: Civil War Unless Joe Biden Wins

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1 Response to CNN Meltdown: Civil War Unless Joe Biden Wins

  1. Gryphon says:

    The bolshevik ‘press’ is Programming people to accept their narrative that “Trump will Refuse to Leave if He Loses the Election” because >>>they<<< intend to Declare Biden the "Winner" no matter what the outcome of the Vote, particularly on Election Day. This sets the stage for Large-Scale Violence ('mostly peaceful protests') to try and force Trump to Concede even though he Won.

    The real Danger in this scenario isn't the pantifa and burn loot murder thugs in the streets, but whether the bolsheviks have enough adherents in the Military or 'security services' to make a play at a Forcible Coup.

    IMO, in that case, I believe We, as Citizens, will have the Duty to immediately De-Legitimize ALL 'government' Federal, State and Local, by Force if necessary, until such Time as the bolsheviks and their thugs can be Extirpated.

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