Coming soon to a campus near you ? …

(Image: Kaitlin Bennett)

“Upon graduating from Kent State University (yes, *that* Kent State, where the U.S. government murdered students for protesting), Kaitlin found herself in a new situation… because she was no longer a student, she could legally carry a firearm on campus. And to underscore the idiocy of any rule which prohibits students from possessing effective means of self-defense, she carried legally and openly, posing for photos with “Come and Take it” clearly written on her graduation cap.”

“I won’t post here much of the filth she has received. It’s full of profanity, insults, and wishes for her violent death. You can see some of it on her Facebook timeline. She also has a Facebook page called Kait’s Unsafe Space.”


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2 Responses to Coming soon to a campus near you ? …

  1. 173 Viet Vet says:

    You Go, Girl !

    Kaitlin, we are all strengthened by your resolute stand !!

    May you have a great start on life’s journey! God Bless you!

  2. Comrade Obama says:

    Leftards are so brave at the keyboard. They wear masks, operate only in locals that protect them. Let them try and take my guun and they’ll never want for another thing in their miserable existence. You go girl. You’re worth a hundred of the snowflakes.

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