Coming Soon to a City Near You

Anarchy.  Everywhere. To weaken societies and destroy everything that stands between them and their objective of the end of all States, and the advent of direct Global Governance.

Cataluña has overwhelmingly voted to separate from Spain, and thereby from the hegemony of the tyrannical EU.  But Spanish authorities used their national police force in an attempt to quash the vote, injuring nearly a thousand Cataluñan citizens who turned out to vote for the course of their future.

It can happen in the US.  It will happen.  Fifty years of intensive Social Engineering cannot now be prevented from achieving it’s intended consequences – violent anarchy and the disintegration of civil society in America. 

They have told us all along this path, exactly what it is that they intended – to destroy the old, that they may build something new to take its place.  And they have told us exactly what this ‘something new’ will be: the end of sovereign nations, and the implementation of Direct Global Governance, A.K.A. their ‘New World Order’.



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5 Responses to Coming Soon to a City Near You

  1. Hadenoughalready says:

    We were warned of this more than 2000 years ago. It’s only now that we’re realizing that it’s all coming to fruition.

  2. Fergus the truth teller says:

    Exactly what is this a video of. Without knowing the parameters this means zip. Is it the police ejecting a bunch of people trespassing and illegally occupying a building or cops throwing the owners out of their own condos?

    Globalism is a bad joke. We see its failure in Europe, but more importantly we see Spain breaking up. We saw the Scots hope on independence. Will Germany or France be next? We can see the same thing happening in the USA. There are no ties between New England and Texas nor with the Pacific coast. Our values have altered and the cement that binds us destroyed by the infilitration and subversion of our institutions by our leaders and our institutions themselves.

    • Nicholas Smith says:

      That video is of Spanish police cracking down on people who dared to vote in an “illegal” referendum. The Scots were allowed to have their say and vote -- they voted to remain in the UK… no violence or intimidation and they can leave when they want.

  3. LT says:

    Fergus, that is Spanish federal police, forcefully removing people from a polling location, preventing them from voting on the secession of Catalonia from Spain. About 5 minutes after this video was taken, the police [allegedly] stole the ballot box, as they did with many others.

  4. Bill says:

    then us patriots will have to take every one out that is attached to this evil satanic new world order, it’s coming if we want to or not or they will sallow us up. Is far better to go out knowing that you died for the cause of freedom and our constitutional laws, while taken out far more more of them then of us. Before they take me out many more will be gone before i am declared dead. We are going to have to eliminate each and every one of them in the media, the universities , the politicians , the judges and anyone else who declares the nwo communist Marxist U.N. to be there god.

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