Coming to America

If you do not think this can happen here, you are wrong. This is the reason that our forefathers insisted on the 2nd Amendment. If the FBI can organize a coup against the duly elected President, the Deep State is capable of anything.

David DeGerolamo


French Riot Police Deploy Semi-Automatic Weapons Against Yellow Vests As Macron Loses Grip On Country

French riot police were pictured brandishing Heckler & Koch G36 semi-automatic rifles with 30-round magazines near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris on Saturday afternoon, reports the Daily Mail


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2 Responses to Coming to America

  1. Bob says:

    Our police already have rifles, shotguns, pistols, and tasers. This coupled with red flag confiscation laws, civil asset forfiture and other unconstitutional laws means they could be ordered and would likely obey orders to shoot protestors. The problem is it is not the average cop who is the true problem, it’s the communist politicians giving the orders. If and when civil war starts in this country Patriots are going to have to be very selective in who they fire upon, because although a mindless cop who will shoot citizens is definitely a problem, it’s the politician making the decision that is the head of the snake that must be stopped.

  2. Frances says:

    Anyone who is armed by the government is a threat to the average American. If you can explain to me why so many officials had no trouble shooting and then burning women and children at Waco I’d like to hear it. I’d like to hear about the officials that tried to stop the slaughter. Or the sniper who killed a dangerous woman armed with a deadly baby at Ruby Ridge.

    The answer is to make anyone who is a minion of the deep state question what his fate and that of his family will be if they carry out the bidding of the cockroaches that lead the swamp.

    The policeman, the enforcer, the secretary, the aide, each and everyone bears the responsibility for their actions and of those of their family members. What happened to the Japanese remains a warning to what the government is capable of. Once you have been labelled as deplorable and irredeemable, as the Nation Socialist Workers Party labelled a different group, your fate is sealed.

    But the Nazis victims were helpless. Americans are not. Those who heed the warning to be very selective will find themselves marching off this mortal coil very quickly. Are you really going to do a background check on whether the aide doing his research on members of the Republican Party or who donated to the GOP is not worthy of visiting the heavenly workers paradise he longs to impose? Is such an individual less blood thirsty than the man who pulls the trigger or gives the order?

    A storm is coming. You only asked to be left alone. Others will beat you if you do not march in lockstep with them. They will destroy you if you disagree. Are they being very selective? Can reason, logic, or the facts prevail with people whose principles are as stable as a Cuomo, Obama, or Clinton?

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