Community Security Checklist


by Sam Culper III

A friend suggested that I write an article about the things I’d do to prepare my community.  All talk of “action” aside, there are a handful of tasks that each of us should be doing in order to prepare to protect our communities and ourselves.  I’ve prepared a JPEG (download here) for anyone who’d like to print it off as a reminder.  Hand them out to your friends, family, or team members.  Before anyone takes a step towards his own Lexington Green, he should first focus on these things in order to a) ensure that he has a support zone (if his family’s neighbors don’t support his plan, he doesn’t have a support zone); b) ensure that his family will be protected; and c) ensure that he has done what he can to prepare his family and community at the very basic level.

Security, as we all know, is nothing more than a psychological construct.  If we feel secure, then we believe that weare secure.  I could feel 100% secure in my own kitchen, but if I don’t know about the two gunmen hiding in my living room, then I’m not really secure (although I might feel happy and secure!).  I lock my doors at night because it makes me feel secure, but that won’t stop a determined criminal.  You could lock all the doors and windows in your home, but if your gas fireplace or propane tank explodes then those locks did nothing to protect you.  If you double check all the door and window locks, and ensure that the propane is turned off and not leaking, but if your wife plans to kill you while you’re sleeping, then you may have felt secure but you really weren’t.  The TSA, security cameras and police fool people into believing they’re secure; “security” is a sham.


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