Congress Has Become a National Disgrace

Congress has become a national disgrace. The people will rise up and they will not forget those who put personal greed, religious jihad, political power and criminal acts above their elected responsibilities. They also will not forget the people who elected these “leaders”.

David DeGerolamo

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7 Responses to Congress Has Become a National Disgrace

  1. Sayedna Gregori says:

    Our Constitution grants us religious liberty in the U.S., but Islam is NOT, in the strictest sense, a true religion, it is theocracy that preaches a cult of hate and violence, and true Muslims are taught to lie if it aids and promotes the cause and interests of Islam. Knowing all of this, no Muslim belongs in or any where near our Congress or any U.S. government department. I’m sorry, but they cannot be trusted.

  2. dwain says:

    When you do not have detailed enforceable requirements to vote you pay the price! Our price is a Congress of self centered money grubbers that are in the game for personal enrichment.
    When I went to register to vote my father went with me as a witness to verify my identity. Every Board member had known me all of my life. Before I could register each of the members questioned me of my understanding as to how the gov. was suppose to work.Then I had about a thirty minute verbal test on The Constitution! When they were satisfied I was allowed to sign my application.

  3. The U.S. Banned Islam June 27, 1952 – Public Law 414. Why Are Muslims In America?

  4. lawless says:

    He should have asked her, if she would support her religion’s continued terrorist activities all around the world.

  5. Ned2 says:

    Will we rise up?
    I’m ready for it, but don’t have a lot of faith in a quasi-revolution ever happening.
    As long as the bread flows, the circus’ will continue. We have allowed self identified America haters to represent us in Congress, bowed down to their evil intentions, and carried on as if it’s all just “normal”.
    Almost all the representatives in Congress are guilty of acts which would put you or I in jail, yet what happens? More of the same, just to a more intensive level.

    No, David, the majority of Americans will not rise up. Even if you took away their food and water, most would die for lack of skills, lack of medication, or lack of basic survival knowhow. Think about how many of the people you know could actually survive a revolutionary situation, let alone participate effectively. My personal estimate hovers between 20% and 40%, and I live in a remote area with very independent self sufficient people representing a good 80% of the local population.

    I suppose this segues with your earlier posts, positing the questions of what our cause actually is, and how we can put a movement together that would actually have a coherent message. The main obstacle is the freedom minded are free thinkers, and thus aren’t good at groupthink. We look down on it as a weakness. But the commies have perfected the art of messaging, and we don’t have 60 years to play catch up, sorry.

    When the system collapses under it’s own weight, the most logical conclusion is that the country will first be inundated with non English speakers, then invaded by whoever has the means. This will be the definitive end of the USA forever. We will be exterminated or absorbed into the new system and survival will mean towing the line, period. We are too weak a people to survive this kind of invasion, have been since the 60’s. It’s only our wealth that has allowed us to survive this long, and most of that doesn’t exist anymore.

    • David says:

      There are several people posting articles regularly on NCRenegade. The earlier posts that you reference may or may not be written by me.

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