Constitution As Distraction – T.L. Davis

There has been much made of the Constitution and I would like to weigh in. Simply put, it is not my understanding of the III Congress that it seeks to write a new Constitution, but to draft a position statement, nothing more. We are not about to re-write the Constitution. As anyone knows, it is not the Constitution that gave us our rights, it is God (or nature, if you will) and it is not so much that our elected officials have followed the Constitution and we have arrived at this place in history so much as it is that they have ignored and distorted the words in the Constitution to pervert a document intended to secure freedom to the people into a document that sanctifies their abuses of power.

Swearing fealty to the Constitution is nothing more than swearing fealty to the principles it attempts to honor. I have no problem swearing again to secure and defend the Constitution, but I don’t believe that is the question.


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