Cooper warns N.C. counties of further virus restrictions

Gov. Roy Cooper adjust his mask as he listens to Dr. Mandy Cohen, secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, speak during a briefing at the Emergency Operations Center in Raleigh. (Ethan Hyman/The News & Observer via AP)
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North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper and public health officials unveiled on Tuesday a new alert system that will encourage counties with high levels of coronavirus transmission to more aggressively enforce statewide health guidelines and punish noncompliant businesses.

Dangled over the counties’ heads is a big stick: the possibility of the state placing greater restrictions on them.

Leaders in over half of the state’s counties, including 10 deemed to have “critical community spread,” are now being encouraged to pass ordinances levying fines against residents and businesses not complying with public health directives. They include the statewide mask mandate Cooper enacted months ago to combat COVID-19, as well as gathering limits.



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7 Responses to Cooper warns N.C. counties of further virus restrictions

  1. Hans says:

    Cooper can bloviate all he wants. It doesn’t matter when we make a conscious choice not to comply.

    The myth of his authority is derived from the consent of the governed. I do not consent.

    I’ve spoken with a couple of LEO working in Wake County municipalities. They (and their colleagues) have no intent to enforce his current or future mask mandate(s). And I have no intent to begin wearing a mask (I haven’t worn one since the initial government attempt to scare us in February).

    According to a reputable scientist who has worked for Pfizer and The Wellcome Foundation, “the pandemic” has been over since June / July. Read or listen to his video that is embedded about 1/4 of the way down this page:

    Add to this the August (generally suppressed) Danish study that masks are ineffective:

    What are your reasons for complying with the mandate(s) of our idiot governor?

    It can’t possibly be “Oh, the science!”.

  2. David says:

    I don’t think that piece of crap won his election without cheating either.

    • Andy says:

      Beat me to it. I repeat it at the risk of overstating the obvious. Trump won, but Cooper won too? Sure. How much does HE have invested in Dominion?

      I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering.

  3. bob says:

    Our stinking Traitorous gov. Kemp in Georgia need to be hung along with all the other Traitor who couldn’t have got Elected, if not for Trump support.

  4. GenEarly says:

    democRat Seditionists from NC to WA all behave the Same, Comrades.
    The Only Question is whatcha going to do about it???
    Polezi and Health SS are not Allowed on Private Property without a Warrant, Make them get one!
    In the meantime GTFO My Property

  5. magrit11 says:

    No Way Cooper won without cheating

  6. Garry F. Owen, Trooper says:

    Demonazis in Columbia, South Carolina sent firefighters out over this past weekend to give citations out to the non-compliant.

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