Cops Arrest Woman For Not Wearing A Mask

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6 Responses to Cops Arrest Woman For Not Wearing A Mask

  1. Truth-in-Tension says:

    Does anyone still support the gestapo dressed in blue? They will arrest someone for not wearing a mask, but rioting, burning down buildings, and looting is just fine in the communist state of Washington.

    What was interesting was that the gestapo in blue thought that the women was such a threat that they used 6 people to make the arrest. They must have thought that she was a member of a white militia group. Had the women worn a shirt that had printed on it Antifa or Black Lives Matter she would not have been unmolested.

  2. DRenegade says:

    Individual governors instituted lockdowns, not the federal government.

  3. Matt says:

    Step by step we get closer to the point where the People will strip the cops of the badge, gun, “authority”, and possibly even their dignity and humanity. They are fed by and answer to those who feed them by stealing from us and they are making their loyalties known.

    • GenEarly says:

      democRat ProgreSSive Polezi.

      Depends on Where you live largely. Sheriff Deputies very polite to citizens, pro 2nd Amendment where I live in Georgia.

      • Karen says:

        Here in Spokane, the police belong to a Guild- an ancient form of secret society. On another
        note, what do you hear about a National Guard takeover of Montana prisons? What will the
        usual guards be doing then?

  4. Karen says:

    In Spokane, WA a gang of bullies chased a man not wearing a mask out of a grocery
    and chased him through the parking lot. They were very proud of themselves; thankfully
    he got away before they beat him up. At anothet store in Spokane an employee threw a man and his toddler out because he wore no mask.

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