Coronavirus Is “This Generation’s Polio”

Just as polio killed or permanently handicapped millions worldwide before a vaccine was developed, medical experts are now drawing comparisons in scale with the coronavirus.

Covid-19 is “this generation’s polio” declares Nicolas Hart, the British physician who recently treated UK PM Boris Johnson.

With the false claims of “it’s just the flu” now disproven, we’re now faced with how to live under the threat of covid infection until — hopefully, as there are no guarantees here — an effective vaccine is developed and deployed at scale.

How do we find a way to work, shop and socially interact without unacceptable risk to an invisible and high-infectious virus that can kill us or leave survivors with long-lasting damage to our lungs and other organs?

Ready or not, we’ll be figuring that out over the coming months…

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7 Responses to Coronavirus Is “This Generation’s Polio”

  1. Mary says:

    Yes but…. what if the people that engineered this virus are the same people engineering the vaccination too. This is NOT the flu, but it is also NOT our generation’s polio. To call it our generation’s polio is an attempt to lull people into acceptance of the vaccine, of being chipped and passported to control our movement and being monitored 24x7 for all aspects of our lives.

    • David says:

      It appears to me that the virus was engineered in Wuhan in cooperation with US and Australian funding. I also believe that the purpose of the “experiment” was to make money off of vaccinations. The question is whether anyone will pay. What is the price of releasing a pandemic and costing trillions of dollars in damages?

  2. Tom says:

    Mmm yummy can’t wait for my Gates vaccine shot. Jesus wept and now we know why. First dork with a needle approaching me gets two to the face no questions asked and a shallow grave.

  3. dennis winebrinner says:

    the overall recovery rate for covid-19 is 99.5%(+ because we don’t know how manmy unreported recoverys there are)
    if a cancer treatment attained a 99.5% recovery rate, there would be dancin in the street and jubilation because of a cure for cancer.
    but it’s covid-19, so a 99,5% recovery rate justifies further shutdowns and continued stay at home orders.
    the pandemic is not out of control….the panic is

    • David says:

      Your recovery rate is not correct: please show where you are getting your number. The government is what is out of control. I have not seen any panic.

    • Andy says:

      The real numbers in the United States are as follows: As of today, 1,462,000 people infected. 87,085 dead (probably under-reported, but let’s go with it). This means that 6% of those infected have died. Hardly a 99.5% recovery rate.

      Let’s also look at that little detail about the time period… the first death in the United States was 29 February 2020. As of 30 March the death toll in the United States was 533. So, if my math is correct, 86,552 people have died from the CCP Virus in the last 45 days.

      Let that sink in for just a moment. This problem is much, much worse than the right-wing media (which generally gets things right) is letting on.

      On a good note, there is a promising treatment potentially coming online in July that is NOT a vaccine… STI-1499 -- it is an antibody therapy that could help many return to work, and potentially reduce the R0 factor to less than 1, which could eventually extinguish the virus.

    • Andy says:

      Correction… the total number of deaths on 30 March 2020 was 3,060, so 84,025 deaths in the last 45 days. Apologies for the error.

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