Coronavirus: Refuting Last Night’s 60 Minutes Interview

In the “Better late than never” category, a number of reports are now coming out that validate much of the recommendations made by months ago.

Our #1 recommendation of halting inbound travelers as a defense against the spread of the coronavirus? Scientists have just revealed that step as the most effective way of containing covid-19. Our #2 recommendation that EVERYONE wear a mask?

A new study shows that if 80% of Americans do this, covid-19 infections will plummet. Despite this good news, we’re angered by last night’s 60 Minutes interview of virologist Peter Daszak. Dr. Daszak made a number of irresponsible declarative statements that threw scientific principles under the bus in order to deflect attention from his questionable actions.

And 60 Minutes failed to either press him on this or even acknowledge the nature of this “gain of function” research and the role it may have played in the current pandemic. All the above is simply more affirmation that to take care of ourselves during this time of challenge, success lies in a critical analysis of the facts and then making up our own minds rather than simply accept what we’re being told.

Good information is essential to that process, and we’ll keep bringing you the best information we can and evaluating it critically, for as long as the situation calls for it.

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1 Response to Coronavirus: Refuting Last Night’s 60 Minutes Interview

  1. I thought the 60 Minutes Coronavirus report was a typical, innaccurate, hate and blame based load of Scott Pelly dung. I thought it was typically Obama-esque to blame Fox News and especially Tucker Carlson’s interview with Matt Gaetz (R-Fort Walton Beach) siting biased and bogus fake news analysis to intentionally mislead the public. This is typical of the Deep State media using mis-information, commonly known as out-right lying to sway the public perception.

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