Coronavirus: The Battle For Truth Rages On

On the data side, more and more evidence mounts that not only does HCQ make a positive difference in lessening the impact of covid-19 (when delivered early along with zinc and an antibiotic like azithromycin), but it also appears to work effectively when taken in advance of infection as a preventative measure.

On the headline side, it’s “dangerous”, it will “KILL you”, it has concerning side effects, and it’s akin to taking “camel urine” (seriously…that’s a recent headline) The Keystone Kops-esque WHO just recently came out with a warning, despite having the previously-published stance for years: “Despite hundreds of millions of doses administered in the treatment of malaria, there have been no reports of sudden unexplained death”.

And so the battle for truth on the airwaves and internets rages on. Which is extremely sad, as there remain important developments we need accurate actionable information on.  For example, China’s researchers are reporting that covid-19 is mutating fast there, with different strains producing differing pathologies.

How can we expect to mount effective responses against new developments like these when there’s such disagreement on basic facts these days?

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4 Responses to Coronavirus: The Battle For Truth Rages On

  1. james7478 says:

    Other than his obvious leftist leanings, it is very interesting to see him begin to notice that much of what the CDC, big pharma, and the media are telling everyone is not truthful. I remember earlier how he mocked Trump for suggesting that hydrooxychloroquinine might be an answer. Remember it was Dr. Fauci who said it was too dangerous because they have not done any clinical trials on it.

    • David says:

      I doubt that anyone whose profession is giving financial advice on his website Peak Prosperity is a leftist. Anyone who has been watching Dr. Martenson’s videos knows that he has been critical of the CDC, pharmaceutical companies and media from the beginning. I do not remember him mocking Trump for hydroxychloroquine: please provide the reference.

    • Matt says:

      He’s far from being a leftist. He advocates highly for self sufficiency, resiliency, and community. He is opposed to the out of control fiat monetary policy which he calls out as being nothing but wealth transfer from the people to the 0.1%. On his forums he has discussion topics ranging from economics, to ham radio, to firearms and self defense.

      Like David, I don’t recall him ever mocking hydrooxychloroquinine, but rather he has been a big proponent of honest data driven decisions.

      He correctly points out that our nations don’t have leaders, which is desperately needed, but instead we have managers, for whom it is becoming abundantly clear are in it for themselves and desire to personally profit, even at the expense of the people.

  2. Gryphon says:

    It’s really very simple, actually, to determine “Truth” in any matter whatsoever- it is a given Fact that ALL government officials and bureaucrats LIE all the Time, to support the agenda of further Enslavement of the People. It is also a given Fact that ALL (((MSM)) LIES, in furtherance of the bolshevik’s agenda of One-World Government and the Enslavement of Everyone but “god’s chosen people”(tm)

    Once you realize this, Filtering the Lies becomes much less Complicated.

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