COVID-19: Exponential Infections Outside of China

Yesterday’s confirmed number of cases was 95. So far today, there have been an additional 122 cases. To put this in perspective, today’s increase is an additional 15.6% of confirmed cases outside of China in only 3-1/2 weeks. And the day is not over. If you consider the increase in the past 36 hours, the number of cases outside of China is up over 31%.

China growth is shown in yellow below:

The number of cases that China stated was 780 on January 23. I expect the number of confirmed cases outside of China to explode when COVID-19 hits third world countries around the world.

David DeGerolamo

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1 Response to COVID-19: Exponential Infections Outside of China

  1. 173dVietVet says:

    Perhaps the WHO team now authorized to go to China will obtain more realistic numbers of those infected and fatalities.

    Read that 760 million were on lockdown but article did not give source. Many are using 400 million in lockdown which seems accurate based upon population of the cities and provinces listed.

    Think it is more important to gauge seriousness of this pandemic based upon the lock down number rather than monitoring Chinese lies about numbers. They would not lock down so many unless they had good reason.

    Until we get believable numbers of cases it is impossible to calculate the fatality rate.

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