Covid-19 Just Keeps Getting Worse…

Sick and tired of this pandemic yet? We sure are. But sadly, covid-19 increasingly looks like it’s going to be with us for a LONG time to come.

Globally, cases are mounting fast, with the time it takes to hit the next million infected shorter than ever. And not only are we learning people can contract the virus a second time, it’s looking like a meaningful number of patients can get it even more times than that. And successive infections appear to have symptoms that are every bit as intense as the first.

Even among those who ‘recover’ — even those cases that were asymptomatic — numerous patients display long term organ damage (heart, lungs, kidneys, etc). Chris walks through the latest findings on each of these worrisome topics, yet also shares the more optimistic data indicating the cheap and widely-available drug Ivermectin makes any important positive difference in reducing the damage covid-19 inflicts.

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9 Responses to Covid-19 Just Keeps Getting Worse…

  1. Andy says:

    Much better than anything I could come up with…

    A comment from Aesop’s latest by Aesop -- mildly edited for language:
    “Aesop said…

    1) The number of new cases means Jack and Sh*t (and are mainly a metric of widespread testing); ICU census and new hospitalizations, OTOH, are the entire point. And no, new ICU admits in FL nor anywhere else are “people who couldn’t see their doctor for three months”. The idea itself is recockulous. ERs were open 24/7/365, so anyone needing care could get it, just not office visits or elective procedures. ICUs are full now because of the overwhelming number of serious COVID cases, precisely because 80% of the population are medically ignorant fucktards, who’ve spread Kung Flu amongst the population like Typhoid Mary.

    2) What 1 (or 10) counties are doing in East Bumf*ck isn’t national policy. People are dying OF COVID, not WITH COVID, and someone with COVID who gets his brains blown out or hit by a bus is not getting spam-packed in with people dying from respiratory failure and pneumonia in an ICU with raging Kung Flu. Once again, the very idea is recockulous, and 3,000,000 health care workers aren’t in on the conspiracy. Big cities, especially, are getting the literal sh*t kicked out of them, and almost exactly as I predicted/feared, the f*cktards in L.A. are leading the pack to be the next NYFC.

    3) Hospitals get paid by insurance companies and federal Medicare funds; if there was some soopersecret COVID slushfund paying out for every death with Kung Flu, OrangeMan, Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, and any one of 200,000 lesser lights would have broken the story already, with accounting ledgers and ambush video. Stop swallowing horsesh!t too stupid even for Alex Jones.

    4) Lockdown I crushed the spread of this in the cradle, so much that for most of the country, nobody ever saw it. And yes, it also crushed the GDP and employment.
    So when it was lifted, the Gilligans and the flat Earth f*cktards saw their chance to pretend it never existed. Now governors (from BOTH sides of the political aisle) have had to backpedal and eat sh*t sandwiches, and start cracking down on stupid. Congrats to most of America for EARNING this smackdown.

    5) Last time, folks were pissed about the lockdown and watching their businesses crushed. With Lockdown II either happening or looming in half the country, they’re not going to be yelling at people without masks, they’re going to get a baseball bat and start educating f*cktards kinetically. But for 90% of the f*cktards, they still won’t listen until they either kill their own parents or grandparents, or until they need a full set of dentures due to acute loss of 17 teeth. Civilization gets a major pandemic every 100 years or so; instead of being happy this is such a mildly fatal disease (rather than, say, smallpox or Ebola), instead of paying attention, the entitled morons are ignoring reality, and group punishment, both by government, and by naked biology, are now being delivered with Darwinian inevitability.

    6) The beatings will not continue until morale improves.
    They will continue until group mean IQ improves.
    People can take this lesson to heart; or they can bend over and take it about 2 feet lower.
    The latter is going to leave a mark. As I told people over 6 months ago, “You aren’t going to get what you like, and you aren’t going to like what you get.”
    And you probably aren’t even halfway to the seventh inning stretch yet.
    It’s not my job to make peoples’ @$$#$ not sting by blowing sunshine up their skirts, but I’m happy to explain the source of their discomfort.
    The pisser is the idiots driving the train are taking all of us off the cliff with them. No small number of them are Right-wing lunatards every bit as stupid as Congressmoron Evita Guevara-Castro.

    You may now ROWYBS.”

    • W8ing says:

      So, if I don’t wear a mask, is Aesop going to personnally come educated me with a baseball bat?

      Are you?

      Threatening physical violence against people who disagree with your ideology or your interpretation of a scientific/medical question seems like it could backfire.

      Just sayin’.

  2. brewer55 says:

    I’m sorry to see you keep linking to this guys videos. Martenson has been very wrong on his analysis early on with COVID. The RO factors, the deathrate, etc. He was all doom and gloom. I paid close attention to his daily podcasts early on — until I saw that his hubris started showing through again. He was also on the “Peak Oil” and collapse from that many years ago. Chris is a smart guy but, he is full of himself and is showing more and more that he is a huckster trying to drum up business for his expensive Peak Prosperity subscription service.

    • Matt says:

      One of the things that Martensen does do, that most who make claims and assertions don’t do, is show his work and go through the analysis. Even in his video today, he again made mention of the data he was using was incomplete and insufficient but it was the only data available so the only choice is to run with it.

      A lot of people got things wrong early on, but look at what we had to work with. China? You can’t believe a thing they’re saying. In fact, if you assume they’re lying and look for a much worse case, especially if the purpose was to put us in a worse position, you’d be better off. Italy? Now, what was happening in Italy was scary. You’ve seen the videos and it’s no joke. At the same time we were seeing rapid spread in and around Seattle that did overload their medical system. Hospital ships and what not? Well, again, given what we knew at the time I’ll give a pass because it looked like the right call.

      I don’t believe he and his partner are hucksters, nor can I blame them for trying to get people to subscribe to their service or newsletter. I personally would not, but I don’t see it as being any different than hundreds of others out there, including major “news” corporations doing the same thing. If anything I will give him credit for encouraging people to become as self sufficient and put themselves into a position of resiliency rather than dependence.

      • brewer55 says:

        Matt, I do not recall where I first saw that death rate. It has been awhile and perhaps it is higher now. I’ve seen it on multiple sources but, perhaps they are parroting the original stat.

        The truth is, none of us know the true death rate. The saying “follow the money” applies here too. Multiple doctors, and nurses, have done testimonials to the fact that there has been a lot of fudging on the deaths. I’m sure you have heard some of those stories. Nursing homes that have reached out to families asking if they could show COVID as the cause as it meant payments to them for taking in the positive COVID patients. It did not matter that a person was in stage 4 cancer but, because they tested positive or maybe did not even test positive, they put the virus on their death certificate. Or what about the hospitals that put people unnecessarily on Ventilators because of the money they got for doing so vs. other treatments.

        All I’m saying is the truth is somewhere but, because of the massive political divide, reporting is skewed in any number of ways.

        I’m done here. I started out with my comments on Martenson and did not plan on a back and forth on another subject that has too many moving parts to draw an true decision on one way or another. Maybe I am making too much light of it, I hope not.

  3. Andy says:

    Virtually everyone was wrong about the R0 factor & the death rate EARLY ON, because no one knew how virulent and dangerous this virus was. It was a new phenomenon. Anybody who may have been right was right only because they guessed “correctly” and that has nothing to do with science or medicine… it’s just dumb luck, because there was not enough info at the time. Because, not in spite of the “lockdowns” the R0 factor dropped to less intolerable levels. Now that the “lockdowns” are over, cases are rising again. Almost 140,000 people are dead dead dead from this bioweapon in our country alone SINCE MARCH.

    Sure, Martenson was wrong about peak oil, but being wrong once does not disqualify someone from opining about future events. I dare say no one has been right about everything.

    Again, you can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. It is my opinion that we are in for a very rough ride because of this thing, and that does not include all the other things that are coalescing around us from all sides.

    • brewer55 says:

      Andy, I was a serious about this disease as you are. However, it seems that once people have made up their mine, they no longer look at the evidence now that we have about 6 months of data. ~99.7% of people infected survive with either no symptoms, mild symptoms, or a bad case of the flu. A month ago, the numbers of those that did die, 49% were in nursing homes. You can thank a few democratic governors for that one. (Can you say “Cuomo”. Back to the death rate, it is still on par with the seasonal flu. As far as the big uptick in new cases, do you remember for about 4 months or so, you could not get tested if you were even sick. They did not have enough test kits. Now, they are testing ~600,000 people, per day. Of course the cases are going to go up. I’ve read that 50 -- 70% of the tests are false positives. If a person has had a cold, the seasonal flu, or a flu shot in the last few years, they are going to more than likely test positive.

      Look, I’ve never been of the crowd that said “HOAX VIRUS”. It is real, A small precentage of the people are getting sick. My issue has been, you shut down a large part of the economy because of a sickness that is on par, or may slightly over par, with the flu??

      There is an evil agenda here. It is to kill small business in the US and allow the mega corporations to pick up the pieces. It is to kill coinage and paper currency to usher in the digital currency that the central banks want.

      I could go on. Hopefully my points are understood.

      • Matt says:

        Where do you get your numbers on the death rate?
        The data I am familiar with, and granted it is subject to the garbage in garbage out principle, but it’s the most accurate source that I know of is They calculate the case fatality rate, which is the number of reported deaths divided by the recovered cases -- as in you either recover or you die. Those are the two outcomes. According to those figures the current case fatality rate is about 7%. A few months back, Martensen and others attempted to use calculus to solve or adjust for the delay factor and from what I recall using different methods and different data sets, both methods suggested that the real, overall fatality rate was about 6-7%.

        This virus is most certainly not on part with influenza. Speaking of which, the numbers of annual “flu” deaths are a pure fabrication by the CDC that uses mathematical models that assume people have died from it. It is not based upon actual recorded deaths from the virus. As one Dr. put it while discussing this topic, “I see people die of heart attacks, car crashes, gun shot wounds, etc, every day. Outside of one pediatric case, I’ve never seen a flu death”.

        I do agree with you that there is an evil agenda. Evil men are using the virus as a smokescreen to cover the failing economic system of the US, which was doomed way before these “lockdowns” and engaging in a criminal wealth transfer from the people to the uber-rich.

        • Matt says:

          I meant to say: “which is the number of reported deaths divided by the resolved, not recovered, cases.

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