(CRITICAL ALERT). A Terrible Phenomenon Is Unfolding…

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3 Responses to (CRITICAL ALERT). A Terrible Phenomenon Is Unfolding…

  1. Matt says:

    There is something absolutely unholy going on with the Federal Reserve and they way they are magically creating “money” out of thin air and using it to make their cronies whole on bad investments. Ultimately one way or another the little people will end up with the bill. If this were 100 years ago, before computers, they would have had to literally print up the cash instead of just putting magic numbers in an account somewhere like they do today. That would have resulted in the hyper inflation like was seen in Wiemar Germany with the stories of people trying to buy a loaf of bread with a wheelbarrow full of cash. I think the only reason it isn’t causing hyper inflation, right now, today, is because it is mostly just numbers on a computer and that it’s being horded instead of being money with any sort of velocity. In other words, while the national credit card got charged up by several trillion, the purchase is just sitting in someone else’s computer.

  2. thisisme says:

    So our protectors have sold us to God only knows who. Feel like a slave yet? It’s a good day to die.

  3. GenEarly says:

    The Feral Reserve Fiat Paper Debt Bank note is going Away. New Treasury Currency based on Gold and Oil will replace it., maybe a 100 to One ratio., or more?
    President Trump is the Only Captain that might possibly get this ship through the shoals to harbor for refitting.
    So, CYA,, and be Pre-pared for anything but normal.

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