Democrats Do Drama – We Need to Stay Resolved, Disciplined, and Driven

Democrats Do Drama – We Need to Stay Resolved, Disciplined, and Driven

Think about this election as having two tracks. Track I is the “regular” fraud. It is comprised of all the illegal conduct the democrats engaged in, from excluding poll watchers, to ballots materializing from unknown locations, to precincts not checking signatures as required by statute, to Democrats incentivizing voters with gas cards, and the sordid list goes on. Track II is the electronic fraud. It is the Dominion/foreign-intervention scheme that Sidney and some others are working to present proof of in court. Taken together, 2020 could be the most explosive election in U.S. history…if it isn’t already.

Drama isn’t a good thing when real work needs to be done. Drama is particularly problematic when work needs to be done under a time constraint, stress, or both. It should be avoided at all costs. It does baffle me to see so many smart and savvy political operators spending a significant amount of time and energy gossiping about Sidney, whether arguing with others about the likelihood she has the evidence she claims to have, or more recently wondering what is happening between Sidney and Rudy/Jenna. We are still in an all-hands-on-deck crisis here. If you think Sidney can’t follow through, fine. Analyzing and overanalyzing all your deliberation about Sidney’s likelihood of success is not productive. Focus your energy on Track I. 

Lots of people have said this, but I will repeat it for emphasis: technically, we can win the White House on Track I alone. So, if you don’t believe Sidney—or if you do, but other than donating to her legal efforts (donate here), there isn’t much you can do to help her—keep working on Track I. Track I needs a whole lot of help. We need to be explaining the fraud to the general public so the American people can understand the truth, we need to be calling and lobbying state legislators in the battleground states, we need to be putting pressure on Governor Kemp to follow through with his promise to undertake a rigorous audit in Georgia, and the list goes on. This election is still within our grasp if we keep pushing. 


h/t Tracy Beanz

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2 Responses to Democrats Do Drama – We Need to Stay Resolved, Disciplined, and Driven

  1. bob says:

    The general public,will not believe anything that you tell them,If they don’t see it on the msm,it’s not true. I have quit trying to reason and inform people about Truth and Reality,the Fact is Either you get it,or you don’t and no amount of talking will change their minds. And I get no joy out of this I have family who I care deeply for,that will be the ones who will turn me in,for “REEDUCATION” This is a great Sifting that going on, The God fearing Patriot are being separated from the Children of darkness,and you cannot help those that are Deceived, because they don’t know that they are Deceived,they believe that we are the ones Deceived.

    • GenEarly says:

      During the Revolutionary War Battle of Kings Mtn.,NC, a Patriot shot and killed a Loyalist sniper, his Brother.
      A Reckoning requires Travails and Cold Fury. It can no longer be avoided, unless surrender to Tyranny is preferable to God given Liberty.
      We All have Choices.

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