Dental Abscesses In Off-Grid Settings


tooth anatomy

When a storm knocks out the power for a week, there may be medical emergencies. It’s unlikely, however, that the family medic will need to deal with a dental emergency. If a disaster disables the grid long term, though, the medically responsible person should have a plan of action when it comes to tooth issues. Dental problems are inevitable in any prolonged off-the-grid settings; one of the most dangerous are tooth abscesses.


An abscess is a collection of pus caused by an infection in or around a tooth. It is comprised of dead white blood cells, bacteria, and debris, all casualties in the (losing) battle your immune system waged against infection. In most cases, the pus accumulates at the base of the root.

Bacteria enters a tooth through a defect in the tough outer covering called the enamel. This defect occurs due a broken tooth, decay (cavities) or damage to the gums.


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  1. Thomas a bibleater says:

    Clove oil is one of the most potent natural antibiotics. A drop applied with finger tip or q-tip 3- 4 times a day to gum and tooth will kill infection and generally reduce pain immeadiatly or 1-2 days, continued application may permanently eradicate the infection. In other words this”dentist in a bottle” may buy you time at the very least.
    I’ve thrown out the sensodyne tooth paste and my dentist is pissed because I won’t let him pull a cracked root molar I’ve had for years that gives me zero trouble and chews just fine with a weekly treatment with clove oil.

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