Did You Know Your Government Is Playing God?

Just another revelation concerning the evil that the government has become. From the article below:

For now, however, the military lab is exploring four current health challenges as part of its “proof of concept” stage:

  • influenza viral infection,
  • opioid overdose (easily preventable with Naloxone),
  • organophosphate (e.g. pesticides) poisoning, and
  • exposure to gamma radiation (e.g. from a nuclear detonation).

Soma anyone?

David DeGerolamo

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DARPA Unveils Genetic “Tuning” To Fight Chemical, Radiation Attacks

In an oddly open and honest press release this week, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) – the U.S. military’s top research and development laboratory – explained how it has begun a new program – PREPARE – with the goal to change human genetics to defend against specific threats.

As DARPA explains so disquietingly, “PREPARE aims to develop new class of generalizable medical countermeasures that safely and temporarily tune activity of protective genes.”

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3 Responses to Did You Know Your Government Is Playing God?

  1. Michael Reagan says:

    Soma? It’s a brave new world…

  2. a follower says:

    Cambridge Analytica, Tavistock etc….. Memes? How important now is the Meme craze?
    Are you trying to make sense of the present confusion and choas in the world?
    Is America headed for war?
    Are we watching the fulfillment of Bible prophecy?
    Has the Little Horn appeared in the world? If so, who might he be?
    More disclosure on how Cambridge Analytica manipulated America.
    Getting spiritually ready.
    Please share this important program with your friends and family.

    Oh yes, of course gov. has become a god, i think many of us see this. we can stop treating or looking to man’s gov. Ceaser as god?
    And how about science manipulating dna, mixing with animals. People like Peter Thiel, talking and furthering ways to “cheat death.”
    Elon musk, thinking we have been given access to the stars and the heavens. Have we?

    Googled SOMA, found a church in Indianapolis called Soma church. Any thoughts?

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