Did You Miss Me?

Bravo Six, Going Dark by GingeGaming on DeviantArt

Sorry for going Dark on you all for a week. I’m back to help David. Looks like he was really busy while I was off the grid. I sat in the woods for four days hoping a deer would cross my path. Nearly froze to death Monday. Only deer I saw the whole time were 2 that I spooked on my hike back to my cabin at dark on Tuesday, Oh well. That’s the way it goes.

I hope everyone had a Wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was spent at my In-Laws. Like everyone… the food was awesome and spending time with loved ones was much needed.

I have much to catch up on and I will get back at it before long. I have had plenty of time to think about things and clear my head a little. I’ve got some things to say, but first I’ll get caught up on everything.

Time is short…


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8 Responses to Did You Miss Me?

  1. Brewer55 says:

    I’m glad you had the chance to decompress a little. Keeping the family ties is important. There is a lot going on and, I believe we are definitely on borrowed time right now.

    Off topic, and a question that either you or David can answer.
    When, not if, WordPress gives you guys the boot off of their platform, like they have so many others, is there a plan B in mind for a new ‘home’ for your platform? I’d really miss it otherwise.

    • Wes Rhinier says:

      Thanks. It was much needed. As far as the question for WordPress… I’ll leave that question for David to Answer. But I’m pretty sure we are somewhat safe with the steps David has taken.

    • DRenegade says:

      We use a WordPress platform but it is not hosted by WordPress. I pay several hundred dollars a year so that we cannot be shut off. But you never know.

      • Brewer55 says:

        Great, that’s good to know. When I subscribe to getting the emailed replies it does go to WordPress that lists the subscribed posts, hence, my question about the WordPress platform. They have been purging Christian / Conservative blogs.

  2. Hammers Thor says:

    Once we have fiber out in our neck of the woods (soon) we’re going to self-host most of our own websites, so the only thing that can happen is ICANN steals the web domain names (not impossible). Will be working with David (I know, I keep promising that, then life happens) about setting up a .onion mirror of NCR that is self-hosted so it will always be online, as long as there is internet. There are ALWAYS solutions. Once the .onion site is set up, it will be like doing nothing to set up to self-host the regular site… would love to help save the hosting costs.

    • Brewer55 says:

      Thanks to you too Thor.
      The only good thing about bad times and persecution, it can bring out innovations and the best in some people.

      David, if you have a PayPal account or a donation button I missed, let me know and I’d like to send something to help out with your hosting cost.

  3. ivan Blevins says:

    I am concerned that when the SHTF for real, and everything goes down, Phones, Electricity, and anything else that can be shut off, how are we going to communicate. US mail is too slow. If everything is down, and you have information we all need, we couldn’t get it. I think we all need a short wave radio, and know which frequency to tune to for your updates. You might have already covered this issue, but I am new to this site. Also, how do you feel about Short Wave Radio? Would you please recommend the type Radio to buy. Thanks

    • DRenegade says:

      Radio station configuration is outlined under communications heading. No one will be given information if they don’t have a rig and know how to use it.

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