Did You Watch the CW II Video?

Start connecting the dots. The culture that founded and built this once great Republic is under attack. Invasions supported by the political elite for their own power and greed has enslaved our children and destroyed our country. 2016 was an anomaly and we have a hard decision to make. Watch the video and understand the options. Ask yourself why the government is war gaming these scenarios?

David DeGerolamo

previously posted by Wes Rhinier on NCRenegade.

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5 Responses to Did You Watch the CW II Video?

  1. a follower says:

    A few thoughts:
    “The culture that founded and built this once great Republic is under attack.”
    Is this statement even true?
    If the Uk and america were the two main receivers of the “Birthright” promise(a Gift from God.) Was it a people and a culture that “built it?” Or in looking at what “we built.” What we have done with God’s Gift and blessings, How did we do?
    If we could get past all the delusions of this world past and present, perhaps we could see things in a different light?

    If we are fighting a losing war, perhaps it is the right war and we are fighting it correctly?
    In the physical sense, followers are told of this war, and as a physical collective group we do not win. At least in the way i understand it.
    If we are at peace or can find peace in this we may be on the correct path.

    Who will win?
    satan if you fall for his ploys and his traps.

    Came across this, this morning; Seems so appropriate in these days.
    Mathew Henry https://biblehub.com/acts/6-9.htm
    What shall we say of man, a rational being, yet attempting to uphold a religious system by false witness and murder! And this has been done in numberless instances.

  2. 173dVietVet says:

    I think John Mark is either overly optimistic or uninformed about the resources that farms have and can produce.

    Farms do grow crops and husband animals for slaughter. However, they do not produce the end products that consumers want. And “yes’, a farm that produces soybeans or corn or wheat can sell these items in bulk to processors…..guess where all the processors are located ….?

    In or very near a major metropolitan area.

    People who are ignorant of how farms function think that farmers set aside produce to home process, can it, or consume it when few farmers do that anymore. They all depend on agricultural chemicals, diesel to power their computer driven equipment, fuel to transport the products to the processors, and a whole host of other interrelated computer driven systems that allow farms to be profitable.

    If someone sabotages the substations and electrical transmission lines, it may destroy farmers even if they retain power from the grid. If they lack sufficient storage space, what are they gonna do with the crops harvested if they cannot get them/sell them to the big city processor…..? Less than one-tenth of one per cent of farmers use draft animals to turn the soil and harvests crops. The Amish do that and a few “hobby” but-green farms do that. Hardly is a resource which lends the “advantage” to the patriots regardless of what John Mark says. He just does not know what he is talking about.

    Turning crops into ready to cook food requires many steps and it is shear folly to think that cities are not involved in those steps.

    On the whole, I think John Mark gets a C, at best, for his ideas in this video.

    • a follower says:

      Turning crops into ready to cook food requires many steps and it is shear folly to think that cities are not involved in those steps.
      Very good points.
      Many lack the knowledge or will power to cook a meal unless the food is “ready cook.”
      Ready cook food (literally.) They do not even want to set foot within the store to “hunt and gather”, Now they just pay a little extra for others to do this for them also.

      World wide weather is worth taking a look at, much of indiana is still getting rain, another 3 inches expected this weekend. June 15th and still wearing a jacket at times?
      India getting hammered with heat and lightning, Large hail in many places,Brazil flooding

      Western North Carolina is also mentioned

      The US Just Witnessed Its 12 Wettest Months In 125 Years, and The Floods Keep Coming

  3. NOG says:

    This is OK to make one think with some good info, but I just cannot wrap my head around his conclusions. Mostly because of things he left out. Like the gov total information system. Everything tied together so they can find a needle in a haystack. Movement is not safe from prying eyes. Cameras everywhere. All tied to a system that can figure out who went here and there and home again and BINGO we have our terrorist. They also control healthcare, transportation media. and more importantly they have owned the schools for a long time. The sheeple will NOT awaken. The sheeple will fight tooth and nail to remain in the Matrix. All the few patriots can do is destroy the ability of those in power to control and let the country implode. Their ace is the complexity of our society. Those in power are juggling 25 balls at one time. Break their arm and down she goes. Now one problem for the patriots is a really big question. Are they willing to accept the responsibility for all the deaths of their fellow Americans? Because if you kill the power grid not thousands will die, but millions. And millions. Will sparking a civil uprising be worth the cost? We got Trump elected (even if he is flawed) as a big FU to those in power. Could we do even more? Something to think about.

  4. Terrance says:

    Its coming wether you like it or not….once that first bomb drops on Iran… the markets will collapse and food riots will start and then it’s on!…..psychopaths in charge….only by the grace of god will any of us survive….

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