Discussion of Election Theft and Covid Vaccine

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3 Responses to Discussion of Election Theft and Covid Vaccine

  1. a follower says:

    i used to frequent Hagman and Hagman , and can agree with certain aspects and info, but (Not all.) Also agree with many things Steve Quayle brings up.
    Abomination was not solely Obama and his reign. i have been convinced of this for some time.
    Glenn Beck also used to talk about the pendulum and the effect, yet he seems to have forgotten this when it comes to Trump. So yes while i agree and can agree with much of what Glenn Beck says i also have my reservations. Remember how Glenn mocked certain things that many of us saw and believe?
    Pray for discernment from above in all matters.
    Nathan Leal
    He used to go on the Hagman and Hagman report. in my opinion He presents many Truths.
    certain things and takes i do not see eye to eye with him, and yet with discernment from above i go on.


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