Do we have a chance at turning the country around…or is it too late?

Is it too late to turn things around? That’s a question that has plagued Glenn over the past few weeks and months as he sees the country slide further and further into progressivism, socialism, and even anarchy. On a day marked by communist protests in NYC, Glenn was struck with the need to explain why he had doubts that things could be turned around, and why he ultimately does feel that those who live lives based in principles and values and faith will win.

“The country as we know it is over,” Glenn said.

He explained that we have become financially and morally bankrupt. Apathetic. Ignorant. As a country we have lost our work ethic and our critical thinking. Many have become greedy and willing to take what they feel they deserve from other people. Just look at the protests in New York City and across the country. He said people are now unwilling to do the hard things now for future benefits and are willing to tell lies or accept falsehoods in order to achieve temporary comfort.

Meanwhile, those who try and do good are outmanned and outgunned. Glenn explained that the left has been preparing for thirty years and have built a structure that will be difficult, if not impossible, to overcome. They are organized. They have the colleges, the media, and some of the most powerful people in the country on their side.

And, unlike during the American Revolution, we as a people are not morally prepared to understand, live and stand up for correct principles.

Meanwhile, Glenn said that we have a very small group that has never organized before, are not used to being activists, have always been in the majority culture. Glenn said that we have no history or claim on civil rights movements, are portrayed as having an unsympathetic cause, and are being painted by the global elites as the cause of the problem.

Even worse, conservatives have their accepted defining culture defined as religious, white and “Lee Greenwood”. There is no claim on popular culture, no music to define a movement, and no art that historically accompanies counter-cultures. And make no mistake, conservatives have now become a counter-culture.


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