Do You See What Is Happening?

There are several points made at the end of this video. Do you feel like a second class citizen? Do you see a two-tiered justice system? Do you watch what you say (and think) because of being politically correct? Is being politically correct just another word for submission?

David DeGerolamo

h/t WRSA

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6 Responses to Do You See What Is Happening?

  1. Bill says:

    this vile and putrid nation is getting just what they deserve for there filth, debauchery and there sodomite loving ways. God has given this nation up to there debased minds, so in a sense its kind of comical to watch there leaders do every thing against God and his laws to accommodate the children of satan . so God allowed these barbarian animals from from the middle east to enter into there country to take it over. you reject God and this is exactly what will happen to all other nations, you spit in Gods face and watch what happens. this filth is coming to America and its here already. You vote God out of every aspect of American Life then you can expect this filth to raise its head very shortly. just remember folks God is holding back the destruction of our country for reasons only known to God.

    • a follower says:

      i believe you hit the nail on the head, yet so many reject this. This seems more sad rather than comical, yet i see what you are saying. i find myself laughing at times yet it is not funny.

      • Bill says:

        you are right it is sad, but this is what happens when moral decay and debauchery sets in by self hating white liberal Marxist garbage murderers. And these white evil satanic Bolshevik believers think it wont affect them not one bit, because they have been so open,loving and tolerant to mass murderers from the middle east, but in the end there destruction will come swift on all of them and they wont no who to turn to humanly. we surely know they wont call upon the Lord for forgiveness but they will call upon there little god satan for help and even satan wont be there for them, he looks at it as blood sacrifices for himself because of his hatred of Gods Creation of man.

  2. Anti-white cultural Marxist government using police against whites only…

  3. Bill says:

    you are right the self hating elitist Bolshevik whites are using stupid white police to do there anti white work and it’s seems to be working for them only due to there Marxist media mouthpieces, take away there mouth pieces in the vile Bolshevik media and they will fall like dominoes.

  4. a follower says:

    ” Do you watch what you say (and think) because of being politically correct?”
    No not because of being “politically” correct, but because of a Higher power.
    Free speech does carry with it a measure of responsibility. The world in its non stop argument seems to forget this.

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