Doctors Give Update On Covid

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3 Responses to Doctors Give Update On Covid

  1. a follower says:

    What did she say “perceived sense protection?”
    This is what many of us have thought and said from the very BEGINING!
    Thanks Wes for another great find.

  2. Z-La says:

    Americans can’t go back to being ‘Americans’ because they weren’t ‘Americans’ before this pandemic. These things such as the covid-19 are like guages to determine the social climate (and they will probably be studied by various foundations, of which they likely already have the relevant data/information, but had other objectives). These medical personnel are as likely speaking out as to prevent near and long-term blowback perhaps against themselves and their/the medical establishment. In the scheme of things, many women used to be well-versed in home remedies, natural remedies and medicinal/health issues. Most people today probably know very little. This is an indicator of where corrective action is needed. Even if many women returned to the domestic sphere, or if the man stayed home, for instance, it may, or may not, afford more time for someone in the household, or elsewise, to do research for nutritional, illness-related and medical studies, to have a working knowledge of the basics. At any rate, it seems natural (nutritional), holistic, and up-to-date information on man-made medicine must be made readily available, i.e., curriculum added to schools, medical professions (as most nurses for example, aren’t even required to learn about, take basic, and/or extensive courses in nutrition).

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