Domestic Enemies

As always, “Arctic Patriot” returns the debate to center target:

“The soft, elitist, corpulent, decadent hypocritical oathbreakers who have legislated away our freedoms are just as bad -if not worse- as those who have attacked us, as they have rendered the deaths of all who have fallen in our struggles for freedom null and void.

“These people, these pukes in Washington are not even on the same playing field as bin Laden.  Bin Laden was true to his cause to the end.  He died facing his enemy.  Our oathbreaking, anti-liberty extremist terrorists in DC are traitors.”

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One comment to the post makes a very good point:

I still do not see why anyone calls our “Leaders” in DC or elsewhere traitors or criminals or worse. After all, what are they REALLY doing besides flapping their gums? Are ANY of them really going to come after you if you do not buy health insurance? Are ANY of them going to arrest the electric company employees or management if they do not comply with the EPA mandates? Are ANY of them going to arrest gun dealers if they do not comply with BATFE regulations? If not, then WHY say anything bad about them?

On the other hand, are there people who WILL do those things if they are told to, in DIRECT violation of their oath of office to “…preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution…” If so, are THEY not the evil bastards who should rot in hell as soon as possible? Why not name THEM, and call them what THEY are?

The stench is overwhelming. And it smells like pig.

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