Domestic Enemy: Rep. David Price

Rep. David Price (D) spoke at the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Rally at Raleigh, NC on June 22, 2013. As expected, he distorted the facts concerning gun control legislation. I have no doubt that Rep. Price understands the historical progression from gun registration to gun confiscation to extermination. I also believe that he thinks that he will be on the winning side in the upcoming civil war. Which is another point of disagreement between me and this domestic enemy of the United States.

David DeGerolamo

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1 Response to Domestic Enemy: Rep. David Price

  1. Bill says:

    during the next civil war the patriots will remove these people for ever from the United States and all who think like them, these are red diaper doper babies including the old fools who think an act like Marxists. These are not representatives Price and greasy Butterfinger are from the same Obongo marixst democratic mold, i don’t even call these people Americancs, they hate everything this nation stands for, so in my book they are anti American.

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