Don’t Test, Don’t Tell

The health of our stock market is more important than preparing people for this pandemic. The United States is the largest sponsor of WHO which will not declare a pandemic. The CDC’s criteria was and still is inadequate for limiting the endemic spread here. As I stated before, a 5% case fatality rate is acceptable to the powers that be.

Keep calm and buy the dip as the President told the country last night. Unfortunately, the markets around the world are currently down 3%. Brazil is currently down 8.5%.

How about a different strategy? Lock down our borders completely, close all schools and start testing now. And at least raise the quarantine period to 28 days based on the empirical evidence.

David DeGerolamo

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1 Response to Don’t Test, Don’t Tell

  1. Bill says:

    I have read and heard much about the so called corona virus. It seems to me there is such a loud hew and cry about this that I am beginning to think it is a “false flag” issue.
    Let me digress just a bit to let you know I am not a doctor, have not been present in the countries apparently crying out about the virus, do not pretend to know what this “illness” is all about since I have not seen it myself, etc, etc.; it is like I said at the beginning, all I know about this issue is what I have read and heard on news broadcasts and other sources. But from here, the completely radical hype and hysteria being raised about this issue has a certain “smell” that screams false flag.
    It is the “perfect issue” to bring us to the brink of tyranny as the voices cry out for something to be done, i.e., “quarantine” “vaccines” etc.
    The fear mongering is another clue that the Overton window is being changed drastically because now we face the inestimable tragedy of food supply chain lines, material chain lines and medical chain lines all being irreparably damaged. This in turn will destroy our economy, way of life and even our very lives. Consequently, we must do “something,” and this “something” is a very radical change from the lives we have today, i.e., the change must be drastic because the dangers we face are drastic and, apparently, “uncontrollable.”
    These tactics clearly have all the earmarks of a created emergency or dialectic, or, more likely a Hagelian Dialectic.
    If what is being touted as a great pandemic which cannot be controlled (other than by government interdiction), then why the parade of possible agendas reeking of total control and a concomitant loss of freedom? Does it not stand to reason that we should all be more interested in “surviving” the “illusory pandemic” than allowing government to subvert our liberties by forced quarantines or vaccines or some other “solution,” which has yet to be determined, but is nonetheless a loss of our freedom to choose our own path?
    It is not the government’s place or authority to issue such edicts. The people are the sole arbiters of their life and liberty, or should be, and we have not ceded such to the government.
    By a process of slow inculcation the powers that be intend to substitute the liberties of the people for the trumped up shallow hope of insulation from the carona virus, or some other exigency, which by all counts is inevitably coming, uncontrollable (without the government’s help), and will change our lives in so many intangible and destructive ways that we must cede to the government all that is necessary (to be determined by them), in order to survive the coming holocaust.
    We shall see.

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