Doug Hagmann: Dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight

If you have fallen into the trap of believing that the much celebrated Arab Spring that also included the toppling of Gaddafi’s Libya, Egypt and the “uprisings” in Syria is about the advancement of democracy and freeing the oppressed, you are the unwitting victim of the lapdog media conglomerate playing the devil’s waltz. If you believe that this is about the mere politics of Middle East Islam, you are being played for a fool.

If you believe that what you’ve witnessed over the last few years – or decades – is merely about the Middle East, that it’s limited to events “over there,” then you are not seeing the bigger picture. You are not thinking big enough, because the enormity of the lie that is being perpetuated by the powers making the political marionettes dance to the devilish tune is being hidden from you. The Arab Spring and the American activities in Syria were never about a “reset for democracy” as the globalists want you to believe. Never.

It is about a much larger reset, a realignment of power on a global level, the disassembly and reassembly of global power and massive transfers of wealth. It is a plan to control all of the world’s energy and economy by controlling all of the energy and economic chokepoints that will result in a massive power shift into the hands of the hidden puppeteers along with the internationalist bankers and their visible ilk. It’s not limited to events a half-world away, but it is part of a larger global plan. Whether you are reading this in the comfort of your living room in the heartland of the United States, Canada, or any other so-called “free” country, you will be affected by the coming events of this global reset, and you will feel the pain from these events.


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