Durham Receives the Government that It Deserves

Representative Larry Hall from NC Carolina District 29 spoke at the rally to support Governor Perdue’s override of the voter ID legislation in front of the general assembly. Ms. Morgan introduced Rep. Hall as their “activist on the inside”.

Rep. Hall asked the assembled crowd to continue their support for the governor’s veto because “we want our citizens to vote”. I also want everyone who is legally able to vote but only one time.

I must admit that my assessment of individuals is based on their convictions and how well they are able to express themselves. When someone is unable to conjugate their verbs while speaking, it has the same impact as misspelling words when they write articles, legal briefs and even legislation. It appears that the people in Durham County are getting the kind of representation that they deserve. Although both sides want the other side to respect our voting process, only one side is actually writing legislation designed to safeguard our votes. Rep. Hall’s arguments to support their position are disingenuous and without merit.

David DeGerolamo

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