Edited Version of FBI Video of Joint FBI and OSP Operation 01/26/2016

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21 Responses to Edited Version of FBI Video of Joint FBI and OSP Operation 01/26/2016

  1. SFMedic says:

    I tried to tell y’all to hold your judgement. Any police officer anywhere in the world would have shot him under these circumstances.

  2. norseman says:

    why did they continue to shoot into the vehicle ?after gassing it

  3. You Don't Want to Know says:

    And that says a lot about the “mindset” of “any police officer anywhere in the world”. Hired killers all.

    It appeared to me that he simply stumbled in the snow. I guess the PoPo “feared for his life”.

  4. gk says:

    Surrender, panic, and fatal reach-for-gun reaction. Brilliant strategy with video for proof to offset right-wing propaganda. They are intelligent, well-trained law enforcement officers and they deserve a lot of credit for risking their lives to handle this. They have wives, kids and families, too, just like you and me. The “occupiers” are not the brightest bulbs

  5. Rich says:

    no sound…too far from what went down

  6. gk says:

    You can see what happened and it’s just like law enforcement reported. No conspiracy, no bullshit. Too much is on the line for that.

  7. Rich says:

    i will wait until i hear from the people in the vehicle..
    there is no reason to argue with a guy who had his mind made up…..

    especially on a MONITORED SITE!

  8. gk says:

    I know a bunch of people including my own sister who believe all kinds of conspiracy garbage. I, for one, use my knowledge and experience of human motivation, social systems, and our economic and political system to judge what’s going on. I don’t know if this site is monitored or not (that would be interesting), but I know right from wrong, I’m a very smart person, and I know bullshit when I see it. What you saw in the video was law enforcement doing its job, plain and simple. No bullshit or spin. Get real.

  9. daveburton says:

    Did he drop his hands to his waist and then get shot because of it, or did he get shot and then grab at his gut before he went down? With no sound, and at such a distance, I can’t tell.

    And what are those explosive flashes near the car at 6:27, 6:34, etc?

  10. David says:

    I attended a meeting of so called Tea Party/912 leaders in Asheville where my credibility was attacked. It was alleged that I was on the DHS watch list. I told them all that if they all were not on the watch list, they were not doing their job.

    Do you think I care if this website is monitored? This site provides information and a means for people to express their comments on issues.

    As for the shooting of LaVoy Finicum, the enhanced video is now available:


  11. David says:

    It appears from the enhanced video, that LaVoy was shot and put his hands down to cover the wound.

  12. Rich says:

    gk -- you are the smartest guy you know………

  13. Rich says:

    KrisAnne Hall has it right!

  14. David says:

    I’m a very smart person, and I know bullshit when I see it.

    I notice that you have not posted a comment since the enhanced video came out. You may be smart but are you also humble?

    To all,

    It appears that the narrative is controlled by the media, the government and people looking for attention. The Liberty movement has once again been divided by an issue. However, as more information comes out, let us pray for guidance and justice. We cannot become what we are fighting against. And we cannot let arrogance blind us.

  15. gk says:

    Same conclusion with the unedited version. I don’t normally say “I’m smart” etc., but in this case I believe it’s important to point out that people who trust “authorities” on occasion are not stupid people. Folks here on this site seem to think everything is set up to deceive and control the public, and even with hard evidence to the contrary, you still believe that. That is really stupid and shows gross lack of judgement. Skepticism is great and very important, but if it’s not tempered with a deep intelligence, it becomes destructive.

  16. David says:

    Are you talking about the unedited version or the enhanced version?

    I believe you meant “judgment” instead of judgement.

  17. benjamin951 says:

    It seems that some on this site need to read the following: Proverbs 9:7-8; 14:15; 15:7; 15:14; 18:2 and maybe a few more.

    Thanks David for a great site with lots of different articles. I am wondering why the MM hasn’t been all over this event.

  18. Phil says:

    Hey, Dummy or you might be a troll for the FBI rogue agency, the man was clearly murdered in cold blood. you can see he was shot the firs time and he went to hold his side like anyone else would when getting shot. you can believe all the lies you want , but in the end they will be hanged for the murders. this sis once again the same antics they did at Waco and Ruby Ridge, you are aware of those murders , arent you. we had senate hearings on the murders and the agencies weer let off the hook for the murders, but at some point someone some where is going to be hanged for all these murders of american people. you might change your mind when they murder your family, then you will be singing a new tune..

  19. norseman says:

    i hope and pray for their safty they did nothing wrong too . however at first glance second look third scrutinize it sure looks bad on their part .they had the chance to take them in a much more peaceful manner many times but instead chose to take them where nobody but them could witness it . i think if you look at this from a diferent perspective youll see why people are so mad . they shot multiple times into a vehicle with 3 people inside who werent resisting or shooting back .this is what makes my blood boil .as for finicum i would like to have audio and better video before i make my conclusion . but for now im not convinced he was the agressor

  20. Phil says:

    this is how Rogue agencies operate and they operate with impunity because the scumbags know when they are called before sham hearings nothing happens to any of these scum rogue agencies, but the day will come when they will regret all they done and to all the people they have set up and murdered purposely for the new world order. this is how our Bolshevik government has been operating for the lat 24 years under the Clinton , Bush and the present megalomaniacs regime. These entities are out for blood sacrifices for there father satan and they are bringing in human blood for him.

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