Effusum Est In Terra Jecur Meum

A quick, poignant point of linguistics that many of you may not have picked up on.  In the first Planned Barrenhood video, the salad-noshing “doctor” continually refers to the babies’ heads as “calvarium”, the medical term for skull, specifically the braincase portion of the skull, or skullcap.  If you recall, the hill upon which Our Blessed Lord was crucified is called “Golgotha”, Aramaic for “place of the skull”, and some sources even use the world “skullcap” to describe the shape of the hill of Golgotha.  So, the word “Calvary” is the Latinized (Calvariae), and then Anglicized form of the Aramaic placename.  So, unwittingly, this person keeps calling out to all the world the locus of our salvation, and proclaiming Christ.

And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.


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